VIS – Vienna Independent Shorts Daily 6

VIS – Vienna Independent Shorts Daily 6

May 31, 2016

Fiction & Documentary 4 – In My Room I Play a Dangerous Game
​​The Four Walls of Kinship

by Susana Bessa

You do not choose your family. That is the one thing you do not have the power to change. And however inhumane they may become, you have no choice but to stand by them.

Oh My God! – Fear Eats Faith
Prophets of Our Time

by Elena Prendjova & Lana Sokolaj

Oh my God, what have we seen?! 11 music videos on the subject of fear eating faith, mostly UK, US and Canadian productions. The show was curated by Ann-Katrin Dorner and took place at the Metro Kinokulturhaus, on May 30.


Image © VIS | Maren Jeleff