VIS – Vienna Independent Shorts Daily 4

VIS – Vienna Independent Shorts Daily 4

May 29, 2016

Power/Games – National Competition
What are you waiting for?

by Vanessa Scharrer

The sum of the first National Competition block was much wilder then the individual films, although they featured a woman on the hunt for a something that would change her life, a Slovak family in Kenya, a legendary chess match, a fight with a monster, three grown-up men in a bathtub, and three girls alone in the woods.  The highest cash prize at the VIS will be awarded in this section and it is worth €5,000. Additionally there is a chance for one of the films to qualify for the Academy Awards. So there is a lot to gain!

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The Heat Is On: Our Planet – 30 Years After Chernobyl
From Eden to Fukushima

by Lana Sokolaj

How beautiful can Nature be?

How ugly humans can be. The beauty of Nature and the awareness of the threat to her health and beauty: this is the theme of the programme The Heat Is On: Our Planet – 30 Years After Chernobyl, which screened as part of the Fear Is Not an Option focus at this year’s VIS, on May 27 at the Kunstlerhaus.

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Double Feature: Una Gunjak and New Bosnian Cinema
Film is an Art Form that Works through Senses

by Elena Prendjova

“New Bosnian Cinema appears to be a diasporic cinema,” the VIS programme booklet declares. Indeed, new Bosnian shorts depict the horrors of war Bosnia and the post-war Bosnian people as immigrants in Western Europe. The special programme “Of Chickens and Elephants” screened four Bosnian shorts from the 2010s.