Nisimazine undercover at the ESP co-production forum

Nisimazine undercover at the ESP co-production forum

March 9, 2015

DAY 2: Pitching the projects, one-on-one meetings and the award ceremony.

A very welcome powerful breakfast kicks off the final day of the co-production forum. The
participants most probably needed one, because it’s D-day for their projects. From the first moment
on you can feel the tension floating around the bright sky but luckily the ESP’ers of 2015 were well
prepared, they presented their shorts with the appropriate flair.

Some of them cruised through their limited speaking time, pressuring the producers to come up
with questions faster than they could bookmark them as potential, others joggled with witty story
points (the collapse of the EU and missing flights in The Family who hid in the Cellar) and curious
details (there’re only three or four persons in Requiem for Laika and one of them is dead). So,
every ESP’er brought their idea forward in his or her own unique style (having such a ravishing
smile on your face like Anna Hints certainly didn’t hurt).

Furthermore, you could figure out soon that they do not only have to sell the project but also the
person behind the project (figuratively speaking of course). For instance Joseph Pierce (The Baby
Shower) and Jussi Sandhu (Mudslide) who showed us how to get an audience directly on your
hands by presenting themselves as “I’m from the UK, so excuse my English” and “I know I look like an
Iranian supermodel but actually I’m Finnish”.
The producers looked pleased with what they were offered because the schedules for the one-onone
meetings were more or less completely full. Business cards were spreading quicker than a
virus and for the last time in their ESP adventure the participants showed off their pitching skills.
Before popping some bottles of well deserved ‘relaxing and party fuel’, the winners were

Congratulations to: Ayshea Halliwell and Miha Manea (The Family Who Hid in the Cellar), Gorana
Jovanovic (Requiem for Laika), Joseph Pierce (The Baby Shower), Anna Hints (Ice), and Daria
Woszek and Marta Lachacz (Bonjour, je suis Antek). We are all very eager to see your projects
develop into the powerful shorts they are destined to be. Hopefully, we can admire them as we
could with the works of the former ESP participants shown at the ceremony: Chain by Eicke
Bettinga, Saturday by Mike Forshaw, The Chicken by Una Gunjak and The Noisemaker by Karolis

By showing these films a feeling of victory overwhelmed us, everybody is indeed a winner in
European Short Pitch: The participants have an improved sense of confidence and even more an
experience to never forget, the producers can pick up new promising projects and catch up with
other professionals and last but not least, the audience has been served with amazing shorts and
soon to be fascinating shorts.

See you next year ESP, good night, and good luck.