Montentegro – Cinemapolis

Montentegro – Cinemapolis

April 28, 2013

cinemapolis pticeCinemapolis is an organisation from Montenegro established by young dedicated professionals in the film industry (producers, directors and screenwriters). Their mission is to present and to promote the emerging talents  through projects with strong authentic and original ideas. Their main objectives are to enhance the link between education and culture; to present original ideas and talents of both local and regional film industry by fostering individual creativity, skills and talent.
The organization’s activities include film production, advertising, photography, art crafts, design, multimedia, new media and cross-media production, education and cultural management.

In 2014 they produced the of short film „A matter of will“, written and directed by Dušan Kasalica, with the support of the national film fund – Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, Partners: Producer – Cut-Up Production; Ministry of Culture of Montenegro; The film is waiting world premiere during summer 2015.

Youth Cinema Club is a project consisted of intensive workshops and educational programme for target group of primarily 15-19 age, with the aim of estabilishing the center for film education and film culture. The final, most imoprtant aim is sensitizing the public sector and relevant insitutions for importance of implementing the film education in schools (as well as filmmaking as the learning method and instrument). Partners: elementary and high schools in local communities, Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, Ministry of Education of Montenegro, Montenegrin Cinematheque, local cultural centers and NGO’s.

,,The shortest day- Le jour le plus court” in Montenegro
Le jour le plus Court is a popular participatory event taking place every 21st December, with the objective to celebrate short films. Launched by the French National Cinema Center in 2011, the celebration is growing into a truly international event. Everyone can own the event by organising public short film screenings, in all places and on all types of screens : cinemas, factories, bars, restaurants, theatres, museums, libraries, schools, universities, businesses, hospitals, retirement homes, prisons, public places, shopping centres, alternative venues, TV channels, websites, etc. Le jour le plus Court contributes to the cultural democratisation while promoting the merging of amateur and professional practices and to inspire new generations.
Partner: Town theatre in Niksic, Montenegro

This July, they are hosting a youth film workshop during KOTOR FESTIVAL OF CHILDREN’S THEATRE . A group of young students during 7 days are taking part into the process of educational workshops / lectures with mentors that will deal with socially engaged topics which will be significant part of their works during workshop. The first part of the workshop is multimedia workshop in which participants learn about the technical and practical work on the making of the film. After choosing a topic, work on the concept of the film, through the preparation and filming, the emphasis will be on the participants and their individual engagement, while the mentors have to participate in the process of assembling and shaping the final cut of the film. After completing the film and upload to Youtube channel will be followed by a final public presentation of the project, the participants and their works to a wider audience.