May 4, 2013

psarokokalo logoAthens International Short Film Festival “Psarokokalo” is an annual short film festival which takes place ever year in Athens Greece since 2007. The festival aims to provide a showcase for the work of new filmmakers from around the world and to promote the diversity and richness of the short film. The Festival is part of the program aimed at research, promotion and development of the art of cinema. The festival program includes screenings of award winning short films from around the world (competition section), tributes, special screenings, audiovisual performances, lectures, discussions, exhibitions. Their film archive contains more than 26,000 titles.

Psarokokalo is run by KYKLOS, a nonprofit organization based in Athens, whose purpose is to promote actions relating to cinema and public awareness of environmental issues. ‘Kyklos’ in Greek means cycle and the vision of the cycle is the respect for fundamental rights including freedom, equal opportunities and cultural diversity. Here is a video that illustrates their concept. 

The PSAROLOCO Media Literacy Project / Labs is a program of film screenings and workshops specially designed for children and teens, with selected award-winning short films. Since 2010 is part of the International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo as Psaroloco International Short Film Festival. Its purpose is to familiarize the novice audiences with key terms of the cinematic experience, and promote the experiences of media literacy.

The 9th International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo will take place on :
9-15 of July in Antiparos
29-30-31 of July in Mykonos
9-10 of October in Hydra
16-17 of October in Athens and Piraeus

Discover them here: website / facebook / vimeo / youtube