Finland – Euphoria Borealis ry

Finland – Euphoria Borealis ry

May 7, 2013

euphoria borealisEuphoria Borealis is an open community for filmmakers. They currently have 110 members who share an interest in audiovisual expression, excitement over international collaborations and willingness to expand and challenge the existing limits and borders of film production and culture. The aim of Euphoria Borealis is to encourage, develop and diversify audiovisual culture and its many forms in Finland and internationally. They organize film workshops and screenings. Euphoria Borealis is supported by the Education and Culture Ministry of Finland, and gets additional funding for projects from Arts Promotion Center in Finland, the Audiovisual Promotion Centre of Finland and the City of Helsinki.

In 2015, they are focused on practical filmmaking projects, mainly in the form of Kino Kabarets. They have planned five weekend workshops in different locations and with different themes throughout the year. The themes are for example love, silent films and genre films. They had a special workshop in April in collaboration with the Loud Silents Film Festival: participants created short films that were screened with live music.

They’ve also kicked off Club Euphoria, or monthly short film screenings with the open screen concept. Anyone can bring their film to the screening and we will screen it. They’ve strengthened their involvement with Finnish film festivals, and already had two screenings of films created in their activities at the Tampere Film Festival and will have one at the Helsinki Short Film Festival.

They are developing one longer workshop for October, where educational focus will be put on the art department of filmmaking: set design, make-up and props. Furthermore, they will organize a workshop for the multicultural youth of Helsinki.

Euphoria Borealis will also continue consultancy for Kino Kabarets in Europe, giving assistance for example to Kino Napoli (Italy), Kino Bristol (UK), Kino Barcelona (Spain) and a Kino Kabaret during Lago Film Festival (Italy).

The 5th edition of their International Kino Kabaret aka  Kino Euphoria is in July. It will bring together 90 filmmakers from around the world.

Discover them here: website / facebook / twitter / vimeo / instagram