Estonia – NISI MASA Estonia

Estonia – NISI MASA Estonia

May 8, 2013

nm estoniaNISI MASA Estonia is an association based in Tallinn which was founded by three young filmmakers in order to be a part of the NISI MASA – European Network for Young Cinema. It aims to initiate new fresh projects and get involved in organizing international NISI MASA projects.

They are organizing workshops for amateurs and for young professionals, filmmakers and writers – on an international level. Also, they host film evenings for locals. Their projects comprise Grundtvig project Dialogue for Tomorrow, Finno-Ugric Film Festival, script writing workshops and Nisimazine Tallinn  – during Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF)

NISI MASA Estonia is currently the only other eponymous association in our network!

Discover them here: website / facebook / youtube