Croatia – Kinoklub Zagreb

Croatia – Kinoklub Zagreb

May 11, 2013

kkzKinoklub Zagreb is a non-professional cinema club, founded in 1928 in Zagreb. Its main goal is to promote amateur filmmaking, by providing its members with free filmmaking equipment and editing rooms, as well as distribution advice. They have produced over 200 films in the last 3 years, and 83 films in 2014 alone. In the same period, films produced in KKZ have been in competition programs in festivals like Rotterdam, Oberhausen (twice!), Tampere, Sarajevo, as well as all local festivals.

They also have many filmmaking workshops and weekly cinematheque screenings, as well as film discussions, and just hanging out. Oh, and everything is for free, apart from one single workshop.

In 2014. Kinoklub Zagreb has produced 83 films, with the total length of 666 minutes. With the short film “Manjaca” by Tin Zanic, they were represented at the International Rotterdam Film Festival, as well as Sarajevo Film Festival and Zagreb Film Festival, where it won a special mention award. They have won numerous other awards at Croatian festivals. They have organized 3 beginners’ workshops with a total of 60 participants, as well as 7 advanced filmmaking workshops: Documentary workshop, Experimental film workshop, Short Fiction Workshop, Film Magic Workshop (on back screening effects), Life is Database Workshop (on non linear viewer-generated works), One Take workshop and a Screenwriting workshop, each with 6 participants. They also had a workshop on film criticism.  They have had 15 cinematheque screening cycles with 116 individual screenings, not counting film analysis nights and special screenings. They have had screening collaborations with the Student Center of the University of Zagreb, Urban Festival Zagreb and Eyeworks Festival in Chicago, as well as filmmaking collaborations with 25 FPS Festival and Animafest festivals in Zagreb.

For 2015 they plan to have at least 50 films produced, but the actual number may be closer to 70.
They will organize 3 beginners’ workshops and 7 advanced workshops, as well as continuing our weekly screening programs.
They are continuing our collaboration with the Student Center Zagreb and Urban Festival, 25 FPS Festival and Animafest.
They are working on a new workshop on expanded cinema performance, as well as a all-night film festival in July, screening films from the rich 87 year history of KKZ.

As they have a lot of activities and a lot of interested citizens, they are in the process of looking for another space, where they could expand their activities and welcome more members.

Discover them here: website / facebook / twitter/ vimeo