Bulgaria – SEVEN

Bulgaria – SEVEN

May 11, 2013

sevenSEVEN is the NISI MASA member representative in Bulgaria. The Association SEVEN is a non-profit organization, which takes its name from cinema, against all superstition. Cinema is the seventh art, and also, the association was created by seven people in 2007.

Its main activities are in the field of culture, arts and education. The mission of the organization is to support young filmmakers in their first professional steps, to contribute to the production and promotion of valuable pieces of art, to foster international exchange through cinema and culture.

SEVEN also aims to contribute to the implementation of new teaching methods in the field of art education and to work for the enrichment of the cultural life in the capital of Sofia.

A basic project of the association is FILMINI International Short Film Festival, the 5th edition of which took place in 2013. The festival is the only one of the kind in Sofia and consists of three competition programs for foreign, Balkan and Bulgarian films, as well as a range of parallel sections, reflecting the newest tendencies in short filmmaking.

The activities of the association are focused on education in the field of cinema. It is a tradition for SEVEN to organize 5-day creative workshops led by international tutors and dedicated to diverse topics, like for example film acting, 2D animation, film poster, film critics, etc. Participants in these workshops are film professionals from Bulgaria, students and young people in the beginning of their professional life.

In 2014 SEVEN started a new initiative for creating a union of Bulgarian film societies (or film clubs). This is a long-term project, involving organizations and film groups from all around the country, that started working in a solid network, sharing know-how about work with the local audience, exchanging films and co-operating for a number of film events on a national level. Among the main activities will be the implementation of several film programs for non-formal film education for viewers of different age groups. In 2014 this whole program was planned, the network was consolidated and the actual activities start in June 2015. Thei partner in the project is the Norwegian federation of film societies.

In 2015 they are working on the following projects.
– Building a network of Bulgarian Film Societies – administrative, logistic, financial and legal aspects;
– Implementing an educational film program for kids (the youngest age group) in the framework of Bulgarian Film Societies;
– Implementing a film program for grown-ups in in the framework of Bulgarian Film Societies;
– Starting pilot courses for non-formal cinema education for children (age 8-16) in three Bulgarian towns;
– Organizing an international seminar on the topic of “Film education at school: practices and European perspectives” in Sofia.
– A campaign for introducing film education at school;
– Building a web based magazine for cinema;


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