VR Filmmaking Workshop in Helsinki, Finland

VR Filmmaking Workshop in Helsinki, Finland

VR Filmmaking Workshop in Helsinki, Finland

by May 23, 2016

As the first virtual reality (VR) headsets are being commercialised, most of the entertainment and film industry have their eyes set on the technology. The age-old dream of full immersion seems closer than ever. Paradoxically, there have been few convincing attempts to use VR medium in an artistic way – most material so far remains explorations around its technical capabilities. Consequently, VR’s storytelling potential has remained uncharted territory. As a filmmaker, you probably have been itching to explore this continent by yourself, having one fantastic idea after another about how you would make use of these new possibilities. Yet up until now, the price of equipment and the somewhat dauntingly technical atmosphere that surrounds VR has kept your loglines from ever turning into screenplays or shoots. If that is the case, we have news for you!

The workshop is a non-profit endeavour to introduce virtual reality to filmmakers. The participants will be given a comprehensive crash course on VR that will include both elements of theory and hands-on exercises. Teams will then form organically around ideas and screenplays before going through the filming and post-production stages of VR short films. Finally, the output of the teamwork will be showcased in a public screening at Kino Sheryl and broadcasted via Euphoria Borealis to VR and filmmaking communities at large.

The emphasis will be put on experimenting and exploring, and on the collective nature of the experience: we want you to get inspired and feel the freedom to try out bold, new ideas, as well as to have constructive feedback and discussion with your peers. Our goal is that by the end of the workshop, the filmmakers will have acquired a level of proficiency and familiarity with the technology and its storytelling implications sufficient to make them able to use the unprecedented potential of 360° videos. We want to empower artists to use the VR technology creatively, so that it becomes a new expressive tool in their arsenal.

Applications are now open to a Virtual Reality Filmmaking Workshop that will be held at the Media Factory of Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, from the 13th to the 20th of August, 2016. The workshop is ran by Euphoria Borealis, the Finnish partner association of NISI MASA, and supported by Kone Foundation.

The application deadline is at the end of June, but latecomers will be able to apply up until mid-July. All you need is a hefty dose of enthusiasm and a few good ideas on what you would like to see turned into a virtual reality film!

Learn more about the workshop and apply here!

(illustration by Eetu Sihvonen)