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2nd International Kino Kabaret Kino Datsche

Kino Kabaret, in Leipzig also known as Kino Datsche, is a place where cinephiles of all ages and with all levels of experience come together to exchange and develop their ideas. What is essential is creativity, motivation, spontaneity and the desire to create something together.

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Friday the 13th with Kino Datsche

Did you forget to watch horror films on Day of the dead? We didn’t but we will give you an extra treat with a bunch of fresh (dead) short films in the theme of Halloween/Day of the dead/Friday the 13th.

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Germany – Kino Datsche

Kino Datsche is a film association based in Leipzig founded by kino5 and Euphoria Borealis members Judith Meister and Samuli Salonen. Our aim is to offer a platform for independent film makers and to support each other with the production and

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