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Rogalerret: Forum for musicians and filmmakers

Panel discussion with the topic “The good music video” – a forum for both musicians and filmmakers. Later on that same evening Rogalerret – Christmas special screening: forthcoming new Norwegian film and the audience gets to see both cinematics and

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Training in technical lighting

The free course “Training in technical lighting” is organized by Filmkraft Rogaland and is dedicated to youth between 16-25 years of age. The course is held by cinematographer Onar Stangeland, who will also teach useful tips on how to light a film production. Filmkraft Rogaland is

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Norway – Filmkraft

Filmkraft Rogaland is a regional film centre in Rogaland, Norway. Filmkraft Talent is filmkraft Rogalands department of talent work, whos target group are young filmmakers aged 15-30 years. Filmkraft talent support and organize different workshops, film projects as well as educate

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