Social Film Studio

Social Film Studio

Social Film Studio

by September 12, 2017


Social Film Studio is NISI MASA network member from Belarus. It is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation located in Minsk, found in 2013 with the aim to unite people using visual arts.

Our mission is to create tolerant, open and culturally advanced society in Belarus with the help of cinema and modern media. We believe in the importance of collaboration and community, the creativity of young minds, and the lasting benefits of mentor-based approach to teaching the art of filmmaking.

In 2015, Social Film Studio together with partner organisations has established the Young Filmmakers Support Project— KINOSPRINT during which fillmakers pitch their projects. It is a unique project in Belarus with film projects pitching. Within KINOSPRINT, young cinema makers compete for free equipment, cars and props as well as for the opportunity to be consulted by professionals. Participants pitch and present their projects to the jury. In final, the best projects are supported by the leading Belarusian film companies and receive individual advice from experts.

Social Film Studio cooperates with various national ministries, national and international NGOs and other organizations in field of cinema.

Areas of work:

  • education and qualification improvement in the field of cinema production;
  • young filmmakers support;
  • social advertisement and cinema production;
  • cinema culture formation.

Main principles of Social Film Studio:

  • connection with the industry;
  • freedom of expression;
  • international partnership;
  • inclusiveness;
  • informal education;
  • gender equality;

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