PÖFF – Tallinn Black Nights Daily 7

PÖFF – Tallinn Black Nights Daily 7

PÖFF – Tallinn Black Nights Daily 7

by November 29, 2016

The 1st Post-Competition Daily!

The 20th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival has just ended but Nisimazine’s reports continue to cover the most important Baltic film festival. Our critics watched two of the Main Competition winners (A Quiet Heart, Eastern Business) an offbeat Korean touch to French New Wave (A Quiet Dream), a multi-layered debut feature film (Paris, La Blanche) and an exclusive interview with The Red Captain‘s director, Michal Kollár.

Writer-director Anner develops a very symbolic piece of the inherently important subject to Israel, and especially Jerusalem, of the coexistence of different religions.
Eitan Anner’s A Quiet Heart by Sabine Kues

The film makes for a great road-movie that is much closer to the real life, whether we like it or not. And even when the characters do not have fun, the viewers definitely do.
Igor Cobileanski’s Eastern Business by Liina Laugesaar

French New Wave meets Jarmusch in a quirky Korean-Chinese production
Lu Zhang’s A Quiet Dream by Andra Gheorghiu

A film with many layers, which manages to teach without lecturing. It is a lesson about love, devotion, sacrifices, and trust, about overcoming hardships and never giving up.
Lidia Terki’s Paris, La Blanche by Diana Dumitrescu

The film has the additional spice in the carefully balanced piece of craftsmanship. And through this mix, the film works very well as a suspenseful narrative.
Michal Kollár’s The Red Captain: Tortured by the past by Marian Wilhelm

Michal Kollár (The Red Captain) – Interview to Marian Wilhelm.
Video by Tania Alybina