PÖFF – Tallinn Black Nights Daily 5

PÖFF – Tallinn Black Nights Daily 5

PÖFF – Tallinn Black Nights Daily 5

by November 21, 2016

Nisimazine@Tallinn 2.0

Our second group of young film critics has arrived in Tallinn and our coverage of the 20th Black Nights continues with Main Competition and First Feature Competition Films and our first very special coverage of Industry @ Tallinn.

The film does not focus on the political side of the crisis but concentrates on the people who had to go through it as Mazomenos puts faces back on the numbers and creates a harrowing testament to the challenging years that have left scars on many.
Vassilis Mazomenos’ Lines by Liina Laugesaar

A solid debut with its faults, like sometimes simplified characterization, and extended length but the author had something to say and articulated it in a satisfying way.
Hadi Ghandour’s The Traveller by Marko Stojiljković
Interview with Hadi Ghandour

A compact genre film with an unconventional combination of ideas, a fast-paced rhythm and enough surprises and suspense to keep audience entertained.
Homero Olivetto’s Holy Biker by Marian Wilhelm

Personalization Equals Money
Tallinn Industry Event: Kick Start – How to Get Crowdfunded
by Andra Gheorghiu

Picture of the day
Industry @ Tallinn | Photo by Tatiana Alybina

Industry @ Tallinn | Photo by Tatiana Alybina