Online Screenwriting Training Course – Cineuropa

Online Screenwriting Training Course – Cineuropa

Online Screenwriting Training Course – Cineuropa

by July 29, 2016

Seven years ago, in 2009, Cineuropa launched a scriptwriting training course online. This course, which can be taken at an affordable price, is aimed at scriptwriter, author, writer or producer, anyone interested in this particular writing style, really…The course is made up of eight lessons, each accompanied by an exercise, which will be read and corrected by a scriptwriter.

Since its inception, the course has had growing success, encouraging us to continue to offer all those who are passionate about writing an cinema this easy, but nevertheless educational access to the intricacies of scriptwriting, all the while respecting your budget and availability, wherever you may live.

We can safely say that over the course of the past few years those who have enrolled in our course have been progressed significantly between the first and last exercise.

We have just updated the various lessons and exercises according to the experience and feedback we have gained from our students over the past seven years.

At the end of the course, besides having enjoyed the 14 weeks, you will be familiar with the technical aspects of scriptwriting and possess the basic notions of the theory of screenwriting. And most of all, you will be able to write your own movie, at your talent and passion’s level.

The first lesson is free and does not lock you into a subscription.

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