Norway – Filmkraft

Norway – Filmkraft

by April 26, 2013

Filmkraft Rogaland is a regional film centre in Rogaland, Norway. Filmkraft Talent is filmkraft Rogalands department of talent work, whos target group are young filmmakers aged 15-30 years. Filmkraft talent support and organize different workshops, film projects as well as educate teachers and filmmakers who work with young filmmakers.


Filmkraft Talent consists of three major projects:

FILM ROOKIES: 40 youths from scriptwriting, theatre and production go together and make 3 short films guided by a local producer, filmmakers who work as mentors and our representative at Filmkraft Talent..
FILMVERKSTED: 2 short films are to be produced by two young filmmakers in focus by the help of mentors. Two films will be made in this project every year, Filmkraft has also bought film equipment for the young filmmakers to use in their projects free of charge.
FILMTALENTER: is a project where they organize workshops and case studies in filmmaking for youths, they organize Film marathons, seminars and hand out grants to youths. Examples of such a grant is that two film makers get to join the largest film festival in Norway for youths Amandus festival at Lillehammer  and two young filmmakers also get to join the FEST TraningGround in Portugal every year.

Besides this, Filmkraft talent, offers guidance and helps young film talents on their way into the professional filmindustry.

Discover them on the website  and facebook.