The Netherlands – Breaking Ground

The Netherlands – Breaking Ground

The Netherlands – Breaking Ground

by April 27, 2013

bg-logoBreaking Ground (BG) is a platform for showcasing European student filmmakers and their films. Their goal is to give new talent the chance to present themselves and their work to both the public and the film industry.

As the international borders are fading and internet makes it very easy to connect with people from different countries, they feel it’s very important to start collaborating in an early stage. Through their digital outlets they deliver the most significant information for student filmmakers and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Breaking Ground collects, screens and shows the works of the best film students. They are always on the lookout for promising new filmmakers, and present the next big names in European cinema. As a platform, they take every opportunity to present European student film and the talent behind them. They organize screenings at special themed events and international film festivals such as Go Short International Film Festival Nijmegen, Netherlands Film Festival, Nordic Delight and Stukafest. They also have regular screening programs in collaboration with Kriterion cinema and the public broadcasting channels: NPO Doc and NPO Cultura.

They are currently working on developing a new platform that aims to not only showcase the best European student shorts, but also ease the connection between students belonging to different countries. They think this will be of great use, helping students learn how to work in co-productions, attack subjects outside their own country and ultimately access more funds, should they be needed. Their platform will also aim at easing the transition between the school and the professional world, promoting master classes, workshops, summer schools, Erasmus programs and anything else students might find useful.

Another point of  focus for this year is establishing a strong connection and collaboration with Dutch film schools by providing young students an opportunity of regulalrly showcasing their works to the public.

Discover them here: website / facebook / twitter / flickr / vimeo