Kino Euphoria – Helsinki International Kino Kabaret

Kino Euphoria – Helsinki International Kino Kabaret

Kino Euphoria – Helsinki International Kino Kabaret

by April 11, 2016

Do you want to experience the most smashing Kino Kabaret of the summer 2016? Join the 6th edition of Kino Euphoria’s International Kino Kabaret in Helsinki and be part of a group of filmmakers creating short films together in three days. Wether you are an actress, a cinematographer, a cinema enthusiast, an editor or a screenwriter, Kino Euphoria is the place to make your short film ideas to become true!

What is a Kino Kabaret?

A Kino Kabaret is a place for filmmakers of all backgrounds to come together and make short films in new and even spontaneous international collaborations. It’s a project for making ideas into films, help others make their films, to learn new skills while working with others. The only limitations we give are the production time and the length of films (max. 7min). The Kabaret is divided in sessions, in Helsinki Kabaret there’s 3 of them with all 3 days at length. You can choose the amount of sessions you participate it. It is not a competition. The aim is to show the world what is possible when filmmakers have a freedom to follow their creativity. No waiting around. Do it NOW.

Wanna shoot with somebody?

This is how it works. In the beginning of each session we all get together and film makers willing to direct come forward to present their idea for a short film to be made during the session. After each director has shared their idea and needs (example “I’d need a cinematographer, an editor and someone who wants to develop the idea with me” or “I’d need 3 actors and 80’s style disco for shooting location”), we divide into working groups. We start making the films by helping each other out, and by the end of the session, we present the films completely fresh and new to the local audiences.

Kinolab, aka the working space

Like last year, also this year we are collaborating with the youth culture organization Oranssi ry, whose space we will have our Kinolab. It’s located in the groovy ex-industrial site Suvilahti in Helsinki, address Kaasutehtaankatu 1/20.

Participation fee

The participation fee for the Kabaret is 15€ per session. You can choose to attend one, two or all three sessions. The fee covers using the Kinolab working space, breakfast on each days, snack during the days and occasional dinners as well as having your film screened n Helsinki during the workshop.

Filmmaking equipment and groovy props

Kino Euphoria has some audio, camera and light gear you can lend for your film production. All other equipment comes from the participants. Many of us have cameras to shoot with, tripods, laptops for editing, funky costumes, face-paints, musical instruments. Sharing and lending your equipment to others is part of the spirit of a Kino Kabaret.


We will offer all participants coming from outside Helsinki a place to sleep at a local participant’s home. Local participants from Helsinki, let us know while registering how many cool Kinoites you can host.

How to join?

The registration of the Kino Kabaret open on April 1st and runs until 31st May or when the Kabaret is full. The capacity of the Kabaret is 90 participants.

To register, fill the form here.

Smashing schedule

We recommend you arrive to Helsinki on Wednesday 6th July.

0. SESSION – “The Smash Hits warm up!”

THU 7.7. 10:00 Introductions + 21:00 Kinolab screening

This is an introduction day with a 1-day special surprise film making challenge. The perfect way to meet and get to know the other participants!


FRI 8.7. 11:00 Project meeting

SAT 9.7. Make films

SUN 10.7. 1st screening in the evening


MON 11.7. 11:00 am 2nd Project meeting

TUE 12.7. Make films + Quickie night!

WED 13.7. 2nd screening in the evening


THU 14.7. 11:00 3rd project meeting

FRI 15.7. Make films

SAT 16.7. 3rd screening in the evening + End party!

For further inquiries, contact


The Kabaret ir produced by Euphoria Borealis ry, funded by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and City of Helsinki Cultural Office, and supported by the youth organization Oranssi ry.