Istanbul is over…

During these 4 crazy weeks, I had always some quotes coming through my brain… “Jusqu´ici tout va bien. Jusqu´ici tout va bien. Jusqu´ici tout va bien. Mais l´important c´est pas la chute. C´est l´atterrissage.” (“So far so good. So far so good. So far so good. How you fall doesn´t matter. It´s how you land.”). Film The Hate by Matthieu Kassovitz

“L’absence diminue les médiocres passions et augmente les grandes, comme le vent éteint les bougies et allume le feu.”(“Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great.”) La Rochefoucault, Maximes.

“Je me révolte donc nous sommes”, (“With rebellion, awareness is born.”) Albert Camus and obviously…

Il n´y a pas d´amour, il n´y a que des preuves d´amour. “(“There is no such thing as love, only proof of love”.) Jean Cocteau…

I hope to meet you guys soon again… Well, who knows ?

Severine Beaudot

About Severine Beaudot

Munich or Paris, I am not to choose, so I dont.
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