It’s been two years today…

…since we met up in Tallinn for this crazy trip. Oh, the good times!

Istanbul Express Tallinn train from Jerker Beckman on Vimeo.

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Istanbul Express book

You can download the official Istanbul Express publication right here!

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Cannes Critics’ Week Selection

Congratulations to the Istanbul Express Films that will be premiered at the 50th Cannes Critics’ Week in May 2011.

See you in Cannes!

Istanbul Express

1001 Days
Olivier Jourdain & Zeynep Köprülü
Belgium, Turkey – 2011 – 10’44”

Do You Really Love Me?
Alistair Cole, Leo Bruges, Pyotr Magnus Nedov
UK, Germany – 2011 - 11’02’’

Kov Kovi
Ezgi Kaplan, Sander Lopes Cardozo, Tirza Bosshardt
Turkey, Netherlands, Switzerland – 2011 – 15’06’’

Listen to Me
Iris Segundo García, Léa Silvia Moneta Caglio, Tugçe Sönmez
Germany, Turkey – 2011 – 10’45’’

Rui Silveira, Bela Lukac, Marcin Knyziak
Portugal, Austria, UK – 2011 – 5’57’’

Say Hello In Slovio
May Abdalla, Niklas Kullström, Françoic Xavier Lesaffre
UK, Finland, France – 2011 – 6’42”

We Are Not Living in a Fucking Hospital
Vappu Tuomisto, Liso Cassano, Jerker Beckman
Finland, France, Sweden – 2011 – 7’30”

You Can’t Hide Love From Gypsies
Mara Trifu, Lucille Caballero, Ando Naulainen
Romania, France, Estonia – 2011 – 5’00”


These  8 films above you’ll find at the Critics’ Week Screening. All the 15 Istanbul Express films are available at the Cannes Short Film Corner.

the Turkish!

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Tallinn train reunion in Paris

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11 Fragments

11 shots, more or less randomly shot during our trip from San Sebastian to Istanbul.

Some San Sebastian train participants appear in this film. Nude, of course.

Greetings from Rijeka, Croatia.

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End of one month fairytale

This post is written in memory of all the promisses that i made to Boris for that I was gonna post something during the trip =) And here I am writing eventually, after the trip ended and to me at the most meaningful time. Now that I can see what will remain with me forever from this trip and what will disappear.  But instead of talking about these boring stuff I would like to tell what I have learned from all these beautiful people I met, which probably I will never see in a lifetime again, sadly =(and I want to thank them for making my last month worth remembering…

I have learned that once in your life, you may be asked to be the sound designer of a film about deaf people, and you can actually learn a lot about sound by that =) Thanks to my beautiful groupmates Lea and Iris to let me live the irony of my life… Or you can make a calm, easy going Scottish named Leo go crazy and say “oh god! stop complaining for one second” and learn that not complanining can actually make your life easier to enjoy so you wouldn’t need to complain anymore =)  And you realize that you can miss a Belgium guy named Olivier who annoys you insisting on the idea that every Turkish girl’s name should be Zeynep and the actual Zeynep laughing at your reaction everytime you get into this trap. Also I have learned that you can actually make the sweetest guy on planet, Rui, feel like an evil person because he gave you one single cigarette and you started smoking again =) Don’t worry Rui, I always had the intention anyway =) And FX… who proved me that you can never trust a French guy =p Flirt machine of the train, part time ladies man full time friend… Alastair, my companion in the battle against bed bugs, who thought me how to stay calm against them; Marcin, who never left me alone on the dance floor with his never ending energy; May, going away with her team and coming back to us all the time giving me the first signals of that I am gonna miss these guys too much after the trip ended; Bela… “oh yeah, now we’re talking”  =)) and Boris, with his witty smile, taught me that I should never answer a question starting with “who’s the youngest of the group” unless I want to carry some rubbish bags or do some other stuff =))


And before i finish this long long post, I would like to thank some hidden participants of this trip. Rakija, for giving us all the magic we needed to make this trip even better and our little friend Marshall, for providing the soundtrack of our lives for the whole trip.

Little Marshall

Miss you all and take care of yourselves till we see each other in another life…

Thanks to 2 other trains for the great films by the way!!! It was enjoyable to see that you also had a magical experience as we did…

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Half-documentary = worse than the truth

This is the the Istanbul Express Tallinn spin-off.

It’s something extra we made on the way. I want to share this half-documentary film especially with all my fellow producers and coordinators in all the 3 trains.

(this is 10 minutes). It’s better not to explain anything.

I miss you all. But I’ll get back to you with some post-prod/distribution stuff anyway. Hello from Helsinki.

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A video tribute to shura marchenko

From Tallinn train with love !

A litte gift to shura marchenko, from the tallinn train with love !

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Istanbul is over…

During these 4 crazy weeks, I had always some quotes coming through my brain… “Jusqu´ici tout va bien. Jusqu´ici tout va bien. Jusqu´ici tout va bien. Mais l´important c´est pas la chute. C´est l´atterrissage.” (“So far so good. So far so good. So far so good. How you fall doesn´t matter. It´s how you land.”). Film The Hate by Matthieu Kassovitz

“L’absence diminue les médiocres passions et augmente les grandes, comme le vent éteint les bougies et allume le feu.”(“Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great.”) La Rochefoucault, Maximes.

“Je me révolte donc nous sommes”, (“With rebellion, awareness is born.”) Albert Camus and obviously…

Il n´y a pas d´amour, il n´y a que des preuves d´amour. “(“There is no such thing as love, only proof of love”.) Jean Cocteau…

I hope to meet you guys soon again… Well, who knows ?

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Post-Istanbul blues

It’s cold and raining in Stockholm, and I’m back to work as usual. Soon Istanbul Express will fade into memory as a month-long dream about trains, films and fleeridden hostels. And about wonderful, wonderful people. But I guess we will have the films to remind us, me more than others, as I have a few hundred gigabytes of making-of clips to go through. Right now for example, I can remind myself of how, just a few nights ago, two beautiful french girls serenaded me goodbye on my last night in Istanbul. (with a little help by two beautiful french guys)

I miss you all.

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