Germany – Kino Datsche

Germany – Kino Datsche

by June 28, 2015

Kino Datsche
 is a film association based in Leipzig founded by kino5 and Euphoria Borealis members Judith Meister and Samuli Salonen. Our aim is to offer a platform for independent film makers and to support each other with the production and distribution of our films. In addition we organize sociocultural media workshops.

Cinefilles – Musicvideo Workshop for Young Women
For the first time in 2017 we held a music video workshop for teenage girls in Leipzig in collaboration with the youth centre Villa e.V.
 Based on songs from local musicians we led the participants through all the stages of music and video production: Lyrics and – Screenplay writing, Costumes and Set Design, Choreography, Filming and Editing. During the process we emphasized collective decision making. Regarding subject matters we encouraged the participants to question the role of women in the music and film industry.
We are planning to run a music video course every year.

Kino Kabaret and local screenings

Since 2014 we are organizing yearly international Kinokabarets, a short film residency and networking event for independent film makers. In two 72 hour-sessions everyone is invited to make a short film project, while we provide the working space, equipment, food and screening location.
In May 2018 we will organize a Kinokabaret for the 4th time in Leipzig. You may apply on our homepage:


Discover them here: facebook / vimeo  / website