by July 29, 2016

The association “Formatova” [FORM OF MEETING AND TRANSMISSION OF VISUAL ARTS] aims at promoting intercultural exchanges in more countries in Europe, concerning Visual Arts in public spaces, with video art and short films.

Our project is to create a synergy between countries in the artistic and cultural fields. In this context, “Formatova” will organize an annual cultural meeting that will simultaneously occur in Poland and other European countries. It is called ”Form of Meeting and Transmission Of Visual Arts”.

In the first place we want to create a link between France and Poland to enable the two different cultures to come together through art.

Today, we are looking for French and Polish artists and atypical public spaces for the projection of short artistic movies.


Form of meeting and transmission of visual arts wants to :

  • Promote the interculturality through visual arts (video art and short films). Make access to visual arts easier for the audience, using atypical as well as customary places, where ads are sometimes excessively present
  • Foster the presence of artworks in public spaces to spread it freely and without any charge.
  • Enhance the visibility of new talents and create a real network between French and Polish artists, working for the accessibility of art to a wider audience, in the context of Visual Art projects.
  • Throughout the year, other activities related to visual arts in public spaces and intercultural exchanges will enliven the association.

To prepare this central event, Formatova has run a project called Intercultural Visual Form (I.V.F.) is a project/a contest of short films launched by FORMATOVA in January 2016 and that ended on February. It was addressed to every student living in Ile-de-France and concern artistic videos of five minutes maximum.

At the end, the videos were screened for three days in various places related to students.

The specificity of the contest is its theme, which is INTERCULTURALITY. The notion refers to the meeting or the mix of two different cultural identities that can be included in a content or in an individual. It implies opening on new horizons and the discovery of alterity through culture.

It has revealed young student’s talents for video art, and conveyed the originality of their approach to a large public.

BOULISSIERE Mélody Ailleurs
CHEREMEH Poku How To Imagine A Stateless State
DEVOTTA Alric Rouge et/ou Vert
FAUCHER Laurence, ENDO Hiroko, PHAM Twin et AYACHI Walid L’avenir c’est l’Autre
LAURET Pierre and Maxime You Are Not Here
PRAMUDITYA Asta and SHON Suji La vie de métissage
SCHILLINGER Emmanuelle Pieces of Mind

The team :
Founding members :

Wieslawa NOWICKA – Président (Founder)

Guillaume KOUAO – Vice-président (Co-founder)

Discover them here: website/facebook