Albania – First Step Film Festival

Albania – First Step Film Festival

Albania – First Step Film Festival

by May 10, 2013

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First Step Film Festival is organized by d`ART association, which operates in Tirana, Albania since in 2010 and is the NISI MASA member association in Albania.

This organization, comprised of young artists interested in cinema, aims to support young artists in the audiovisual field by creating new opportunities for them such as film festivals and screenings. Its first initiative was the first edition of First Step Film Fest, the only international students film festival in this country.


First Step Film Festival #2 involves bringing students and teachers from different countries to participate with their films. Part of the program are even lectures and workshops of the movie professionals from different countries about film issues. The members of the association think that is very important for a student to confront with other students from around the world, so to know different cultures, different thoughts and to analyze the way their colleagues work. They hope that First Step Fest will be a good chance young filmmakers in Albania to get inspiration and continue their dream.


For the #2 edition of the festival, which will take place 10 -14 November 2015, they received more than 2000 applications from 90 countries! This is what triggered their energy to grow and launch a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo, which would allow them to present an ample selection of animation, documentary and fiction student films during the festival. They believe in exchanging ideas, experiences and facing the public with real projects.


If you’d like to help First Step Film Festival and be part of it, head over here and see what they are preparing and what’s in it for you!


Discover them here: website / facebook / twitter