4th NISI MASA Experimental Workshop Tutors

4th NISI MASA Experimental Workshop Tutors

4th NISI MASA Experimental Workshop Tutors

by February 12, 2016

Meet the tutors of the 4th NISI MASA Experimental Workshop 2016!


EDINA CSÜLLÖG (b. 1979) is an Estonian-based Hungarian director/producer living in a furthest corner of Estonia where ancient heritage is still kept alive on daily basis. Her last short THE BUTTERFLY MAN won the Baltic Pitching Forum in 2013. She graduated from the Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn as a director. She holds MA degrees on literature, pedagogy and Estonian linguistics from ELTE University, Hungary. Her films have participated in over 100 festivals over the world. Edina has produced several short films. Right now she is working on her first feature length documentary (dir. Liis Nimik) and the first feature length fiction (dir. Priit Pőhjala).  She is the creator of the Finno-Ugric Film Festival, founder of Nisi Masa Estonia and the Finno-Ugric Film Fond. Besides filmmaking she has been working as a tutor and workshopper for young filmmakers in the past years.

Filmography as a producer: Firekeepers (feature documentary, dir. Liis Nimik), Lembri Uudu (short documentary, dir. Eeva Mägi), River (dir. Priit Pőhjala, short fiction 15 min) (2015), Lake (dir. Lomovski, short fiction 12 min) (2015), Colorblind (dir. Sasha Padashifard, short fiction 7 min) (2012), Fasle steps (dir. Rebecca Törley, short fiction 4min) (2012), Yellow duckman (dir. Kristo Viiding, short fiction) (2009).

Selected filmography as a director: The Butterfly man (short fiction) (2015), Mouldy Memories (experimental short) (2015), Hearts in vain (short fiction) (2013), Blow (short fiction) (2009), Wounds (short fiction) (2007), Szemfényvesztők (TV series, Danube TV) (2008).

ADELA MUNTEAN (b. 1988) is a transmedia director and researcher developing creative concepts that fall within the documentary genre. Her current projects deal with 360 VR photography and video and the implementation of tactile interfaces in order to create experiential works. She is also interested in methods associated with moving image documentary practices which merge with new media hybrid arts and explore the intersection of art, anthropology, documentary film and the possibilities made available by the internet: webcams, Google Street View, archives, etc. The main criterion of her works is to engage with the real in creative ways.

In 2014 her works were presented in Holland within the framework of Live Performers Meeting festival (LPM); in France during the Sophia Digital Art Festival and in Italy, Milano during “La Repubblica delle Idee” 2014 event. In 2015 she won the Digital Visions project first prize organized by Géo Culture Limousin (France).

In the same year as part of Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF) she led the conceptual/art direction part of an Architecture Film Workshop. Her on-going project is devoted to the changing role of the moving image and classical cinema in the digital age.

She has been awarded a Master’s Degree graded excellent and the professional qualification of Media Designer at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Hungary (2015). She completed her BA studies in cinematography, photography and media at the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Cluj Napoca, Romania (2011).

FRANCESCO BERTA (b. 1989) is a music composer and visual artist from Italy and currently living in London.

His works feature an intuitive, organic and visual approach to the composition and recording, involving acoustic and electric instruments, soundscapes and a minimal use of electronics. Francesco’s music, defined by listeners and reviewers “vivid, extremely detailed and cinematic” have been featured in different commercials and TV-shows.

Francesco has so far released two full-length albums, Modern Dinosaurs and Journey, the last released in 2013 through the Berlin record label Oxide Tones. His last works are an EP entitled “The Last Days of Winter”, recorded and produced in December 2014, and album with a single plus six remixes called “Waves”, released in May 2015. Both EPs received excellent reviews. All the music is written by Francesco, who also plays every instrument as well.

Francesco is a former participant of the workshop (2014) and his comeback to Bucharest as a tutor will provide this year’s participants with insight of his own experience as well as a customized course on successful freelancing for artists.

MIHAI PATRASCU (b. 1988) – CEO and founder at VrView , a company that focuses on 360 creative video and virtual reality app development. One of the top VR apps that was developed with the company was a virtual reality museum that featured the work of George Löwendal, famous painter, graphic designer and master of the first generation of plastic artists from Romania during the post-war period. Mihai is focused on discovering new and immersive ways which allow storytelling to be efficient in 360 virtual reality apps.

He worked with several artists including musicians, actors and cultural institutions to design and discover new interactive experiences.

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