2nd International Kino Kabaret Kino Datsche

2nd International Kino Kabaret Kino Datsche

by May 12, 2016

Kino Kabaret, in Leipzig also known as Kino Datsche, is a place where cinephiles of all ages and with all levels of experience come together to exchange and develop their ideas. What is essential is creativity, motivation, spontaneity and the desire to create something together. Sharing and passing on knowledge concerning all areas of film making are the core elements of Kino Cabaret.

Come join us in Leipzig from the 24th of June to the 3rd of July! Register now here!

Leipzig, the little sister of Berlin, is situated in East Germany and is cheap to reach via bus. Because of Leipzig’s green areas and lively grass root culture it is perfect for a holiday (short) film making.

Get a little taste of the Kino Cabaret experience, watch the trailer here.